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Erickson Hockey started in Minnesota and just recently relocated to Arizona.  We have over 25 years of experience in coaching and skill development from mites through college/Jr Hockey.  We are the only hockey skill development business that will come to you.  After an initial session that includes evaluation and discussion with you and your athlete about goals and objectives, we will develop a personalized program.  Everyone is busy and participation in sports is not cheap!  We recognize that and will work with your schedule and budget to make sure your player gains confidence and develops the skills they need to get to the next level.


Another option is to put together a small group or teammates or friends.  The price per player goes down and it still allows time to work with each player one on one paying attention to their specific needs.  

Please contact me for more information at chris@ericksonhockey.com

Erickson Hockey Has Some Exciting News!

We will still either come to you or you will be able to come to us

  • NEW! Synthetic ice, allows you to skate, stickhandle and shoot with your skates on. Skating on synthetic ice will improve your technique, stride and power

  • We will also be tracking shot speed and video analysis

  • Longer slide board

  • Agility and Quickness Drills

  • Explosive Training



Individual Evaluation Training Program:

• 1 Game visit to evaluate an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses

Develop a report card on strengths and weaknesses

• 1 Training Session  to focus on making them a better overall player

Cost $50

Evaluating resume in Minnesota

• Scouting for New Mexico Renegades Junior Hockey

• Scouting for Granite City Junior Hockey

• Evaluator for Advanced 16/17 hockey programs

• Evaluator Reebok High Performance Programs

Individual Training Program:

$40 per player per session on and off ice

6 Sessions for $210 can be split between family and friends

Goalie Training:

We will not change form we will work on “watching the puck to the gloves and controlling rebounds”

$25 a hour

During this time, we are still being COVID conscious and have limited our training sessions to 1-4 per hour. You sign up online and put in the notes how many players you will bring. If you feel comfortable training with family, friends or team mates just put them down. We will continue to clean and sanitize equipment after each use.

Sign up online https://www.ericksonhockey.com/

Contact us if those times do not work

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